Saturday, 15 August 2009

Subscribe to Elle Magazine for Free Illamasqua Goodies!

I used to subscribe to a couple of magazines including Elle but while I was at university I cancelled them all because I just never ended up reading them and felt like it was a waste of money, but this offer is tempting me back....

(Click on picture to view larger image)

Here is where you can find the offer:

Subscribe this month and get a Illamasqua blusher and lipgloss for FREE!! I worked it out to be £22.80 for the year which is less than what the products alone are worth! I don't think I can resist!



  1. thanks for the info

    I am now following you, check me out! subscribe and follow me. when I get 100 subbies im starting a fab contest!

  2. thanks for following :) just checked out your blog, looks great, im following! x


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