Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope your all enjoying the holidays and thank you to all of my followers, I really appreciate you all taking the time to read my posts! xxxxx


Tuesday, 22 December 2009

8 Most Worn Things Tag

I've seen this tag going around on blogs and YouTube and I've enjoyed reading/watching them so thought I would do my own one!

Most worn lipstick/gloss
I don't normally wear anything on my lips apart from lip balm but I've been wanting to start wearing something on them because I think sometimes my makeup looks incomplete without it so I've been trying out different tinted lip balms. I recently bought one of the GOSH Soft 'n' Shine lip balms and although its called a lip balm its quite pigmented and is more like a moisturising gloss than a balm, some of the shades are more like lipsticks because of how pigmented they are. Anyways I love them and I want to buy them in every colour!

Most worn earrings
I have been going a bit jewellery mad recently and been buying loads (it doesn't help that there is an Accessorize in the station where I get my train home from uni!) but i never really remember to change my earrings unless its for a night out. So my most worn earrings are usually studs which I change around once in a while. These are the ones I'm currently wearing. They were £4 from ASOS and are still available here.

Most worn shirt

I take this to mean top? My most worn top would probably be a plain vest top in black or white but that's not very interesting to show so apart from that I think it would be this tunic top/dress from Topshop. I find that I always put this on whenever I'm not sure what to wear.

Most worn nail polish
I change my nail polish pretty often as I cant cant stand having chipped polish and I get bored of colours pretty easily but my most worn polish would definitely be OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark because I always have this on on my toes and it is one of the few polishes that I have painted my finger nails with twice in a row (and trust me that's pretty rare for me)! Check out my NOTD with this product here.

Most worn shoes

Most of the year I live in black flats and I get through quite a few during the year as they get worn out really quick which can be annoying! My current pair are from h&m but I won't be showing you a pic because they are embarrassingly messed up lol.

Most worn hair product
I don't use many hair products, in fact the only one I use regularly is CHI Keratin Mist, which is a leave-in strengthening treatment which is meant to protect your hair from heat damage. Now I don't really know how well this is protecting my hair, I think its kind of impossible to judge whether a heat protectant product is really doing its job but I use this for piece of mind. Its better than using nothing, right? Anyways the main thing I love about this is the smell, it smells like men's aftershave.

Most worn perfume
I love sweet, girly fragrances and my favourite one has got to be Miss Dior Cherie. I have a 100ml bottle which is almost finished so I have had to stop using it recently because I don't want to run out! Definitely check this out if you like sweet fragrances too.
Most worn handbag
I'm always switching my handbags because I have so many and during the week I use a big one for uni and other times I like to use a smaller cross shoulder bag. I used to always carry around a big bag but decided to downsize when I'm not at uni. Don't you find the bigger the bag you carry around the more unnecessary junk you put in it? Or is that just me? :S lol. Anyways this bag from Topshop, that I got from a friend as a birthday present last year, is probably my most worn one.

What are your 8 most worn things? I tag everyone who wants to do this :)