Friday, 7 August 2009

Bargain Alert: Collection 2000 Hot Looks Nail Polish

I am one of those people that is constantly changing their nail colour, I can't walk into Boots or Superdrug without buying a new nail polish which can be an expensive habit! But not when it comes to these.....

I first heard about these polishes on The Yummy Mummy's Beauty Blog: If 129 were a nail polish...and at £1.75 I had to try them out! I was particularly interested in the lilacy-pink one which is called Dynasty. When I went into Superdrug these were on offer two for £2.99 so of course I couldn't resist buying another! They had a lot of bright colours but I chose this light grey colour called Wham and seeing as the Barry M Grey Nail Paint didn't work for me I was hoping that this one would.

I took some pictures but my camera isn't great so I would recommend you check these out in the shops but I'll post them anyway:

Wham (2 coats, without base or top coat)
Dynasty (2 coats, without base or top coat)

I love the pink one!! The polish went on well, it was streak-free, 2 coats was enough and the colour is beautiful! I think it would look pretty on almost anyone!

Unfortunately as much as I want to have chic grey nails I just don't think it is meant to be :( I will stop buying grey nail polish from now on as its just not my colour. This polish went on very sheer and with 2 coats it looks a little uneven so you would need at least 3 coats to get bottle colour. The consistency was not as good as the pink one but at less that two pounds you cant really complain.

So get to Superdrug now and grab a bottle... or two! You can afford to try out some new colours :)


  1. Lovin the pink shade! I'm definitely gonna check this one out! Great blog, come by mine sometime and say hi x

  2. Thank you :) I'm gonna have a look at yours now! x

  3. I got these as a prize from a blog contest and love them! I found you through Liparazzi. Great blog - come and visit mine too.


  4. thanks michelle! your blog is great too, i'm now following you :)


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