Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Bobbi Brown Holiday Collection

I just saw a sneak of Bobbi Brown's upcoming "Chrome" themed holiday collection on Karla Sugar's blog, check it out! There are some really pretty palettes:

The velvet plum shade looks similar in the picture to NARS Mekong... will have to see it in person to find out if thats true.

This palette looks like it has everything you would need to get ready for a night out!

Click here to see more!



  1. Thanks for sharing this. I don't own any Bobbi Brown but have been looking into it, with this collection and the new MAC collection its going to be expensive!!
    & I love your top guys, I agree with most of them!! Yumm

  2. yea i only own some bobbi brown brushes, never bought any of the makeup because its quite pricey... i guess we need to start saving!!
    you should do the tag too, i love seeing who other people would pick xx


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